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Welcome to Offaly County Childcare Committee

Our site is packed with information so whether you're a parent, working with children, interested in a childcare career or just browsing, this is the place for you!

Offaly County Childcare Committee is located at St Joseph's Community Centre in Kilcormac, Co Offaly.

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** Important Update for Early Learning and Care Providers**

The DCYA has attended the National Emergency Coordination Group (NECG) which met this morning to plan for severe weather conditions expected from this Thursday afternoon as a result DCYA new logo
of Storm Lorenzo.

While the severe weather is expected to affect only parts of the country, and schools and other services are broadly expected to remain open, DCYA is asking childcare services to be fully aware of local weather warnings and travel restrictions that may affect their service.

The safety and welfare of children, staff and parents should be carefully considered by each service.

The combination of high winds, trees in full leaf and wet ground will increase the likelihood of trees coming down and hence resulting in possible power outages.
Commuting on Friday morning may be challenging.

Extra consideration should be given to staff and parents at drop off and collection times.

Information regarding the effects of the current weather situation can be found by visiting

Please also see:

CCSP 2019 Additional Preliminary Payment

CCSP 2019 Additional Preliminary Payment PobalLogo

Due to the large volume of CSSP registrations currently being processed, services may be experiencing delays in getting all of them completed and approved. This has resulted in some services not having received payment for all of their registrations at this point in time. It has therefore been agreed with DCYA to make an additional preliminary payment to services. It is intended that this payment will provide services with funding for the period between the submission of CCSP 2019 registrations and the date they are approved and paid.

The CCSP 2019 additional preliminary payment will be made on 04/10/2019. An allocation will be calculated based on 4 weeks value of registrations that had a provisional status as at 27/09/2019.

AIM Level 1 LINC Applications

AIM Level 1 LINC Applications LINC Logo

Applications for all qualified LINC Co-Ordinators are open. Applications must be received before 31 October 2019 in order to receive funding for the full ECCE year. There will be no backdating of funding for applications received after that date.

All applications received after 31 October 2019 will only be paid the additional capitation from their approval date.

Newly qualified graduates can apply now using your Graduate ID (Student ID).

Services who had funding for previous years will need to reapply for the 2019/2020 ECCE year.

If your Inclusion Co-Ordinator is on extended leave (maternity/sick) then you will need to reapply when they return from leave.

If your Inclusion Co-Ordinator ceases employment or is on maternity or sick leave then you must complete a Notification of Change form[CL1] which you will find on PIP under Better Start Aim – Consent Forms and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For any further queries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CCSP and TEC closing dates

CCSP will permanently close for new registrations at midnight Friday 25th October, 2019 in advance of the commencement of the National Childcare Scheme. After this date only CCSP PobalLogo
registrations with a status of 'Submitted' , 'Provisional' and 'Approved' will be eligible to remain on the programme and will be referred to as 'Savers'.

To support prompt processing all providers are requested to have all CCSP registrations submitted by COB 11th October, 2019.

After October 25th, no new entrants will be permitted to the scheme, although providers will be required to adjust their days and/or session types for existing registrations to ensure compliance with scheme rules. These changes can only be made during 'Saver Management Windows'. Please refer to Transitional Rules for the DCYA Targeted Childcare Funding Programmes for more information.

In order to amend registrations during the Saver Management Window, registrations must have a status of 'Approved'. To guarantee CCSP registrations can be approved in time to avail of the first Saver Management Window, Pobal advise service providers to have all CCSP registrations submitted by COB 11th October, 2019. If not, it may therefore be necessary, for providers who have submitted registrations after this date to wait for the next available savers window to amend existing registrations.

TEC programmes will remain open for new registrations until February 2020.

The proposed dates for the CCSP Saver Management Windows are as follows, and are subject to change:

October - 29th October, 2019 - 11th November, 2019

December - 20th December, 2019 - 13th January, 2020

February - 14th February, 2020 - 2nd March, 2020

April - 3rd April, 2020 - 20th April, 2020

June - 26th June, 2020 - 20th July, 2020

Minister Zappone publishes new data on the cost of early learning and care and school-age childcare to families

Published: 27 September 201919875672 1337059526348124 484620879276509836 n

From: Department of Children and Youth Affairs

Average full-time fees in May 2019 €184 per week, up 3.6%

Average part-time fees €110 per week, up 8%

Lowest full-time fees (for children 2-3 yrs) recorded in Co. Carlow, at €148 per week, with the highest full-time fees recorded in Dublin (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown), at €251 per week

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr. Katherine Zappone, T.D. today published new data on the cost of early learning and care and school-age childcare to families in Ireland.

The publication of this information, which is drawn from almost 4,000 early learning and care and school age childcare services located around the country, seeks to provide parents with information, on the average cost for early learning and care and school-age childcare in their local area according to their child’s age. It highlights major variations across the country.

The information reveals that the average fee for full-time provision now stands at €184 per week - an increase of 3.6% since last year. The lowest full-time fees, for children 2-3 years old, were recorded in Co. Carlow at €148 per week, with the highest full-time fees recorded in Dublin (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown), at €251 per week for children.

Today’s publication coincides with final preparations for the introduction of the landmark National Childcare Scheme (NCS). This will introduce considerable enhancements to State supported early learning and care and school-age childcare from later this year.

The National Childcare Scheme is the first ever statutory entitlement to financial support for early learning and care and school-age childcare in Ireland. It aims to improve outcomes for children, reduce child poverty and tangibly reduce the cost of quality early learning and care and school-age childcare for thousands of families across Ireland. Importantly, it will also provide a robust and flexible platform for future investment. The OECD Faces of Joblessness Report has said it will significantly improve costs to parents in Ireland.

Speaking about the data being published today, Minister Zappone said:

“A key priority for me as Minister for Children and Youth Affairs is to reduce the cost of high-quality early learning and care and school-age childcare to parents and bring it into line with EU norms.
“Despite record investment in early learning and care and school-age childcare – with 117% increase in investment over the past four consecutive Budgets – the cost to families of early learning and care and school-age childcare remains higher in Ireland than in other OECD countries – with wide variation in fees across the country. Staff costs account, on average, for approximately 70% of services’ costs. We know that the average hourly rate for staff in the sector is just over €12.55 and the average hourly rate for Early Years Assistant is €11.44. As the State is not the employer, my Department does not pay the wages of staff working in early learning and care settings. A Labour Court Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) is the most viable mechanism to improve pay and conditions. I have repeatedly expressed support for an SEO and my Department is ready to co-operate with such a process when it is under way. I have engaged and will continue to engage with SIPTU on this issue.

“The introduction of the National Childcare Scheme will add to supports provided to parents over the last four years, for example the second year of the preschool scheme, and targeted subsidies of up to €145 per child per week. It will alleviate the burden on parents further, but more needs to be done. Efforts to address affordability will continue. This will be backed by the Government pledge, set out in the First 5 Strategy, to at least double the investment in early learning and care and school-age childcare by 2028.
“I recently announced plans to develop a new Funding Model for early learning and care and school-age childcare. This Funding Model will be a critical mechanism to ensure that the State leverages maximum value from that additional investment. As Minister I want to see improvements in terms of affordability for parents and the quality of service offered to children. This is highly dependent on a valued workforce. As part of its work, the Funding Model Expert Group will explore mechanisms to control the fees charged to parents, recognising that at present my Department has limited powers to do this.

“In the meantime, I urge parents to use this data to inform themselves of what they should expect to pay for early learning and care and school-age childcare in their area, and to check out to see what subsidy they may be eligible for under the National Childcare Scheme.”

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Supporting Quality Childcare in Offaly

Offaly County Childcare Committee support the development of quality, affordable, inclusive, accessible childcare and family friendly services for all children in every part of the county.

Offaly County Childcare Committee has been meeting since May 2001 and is made up of representatives from the statutory sector, social partners, community groups, voluntary groups, the Community and Voluntary Forum, National Voluntary Children's Organisations, providers of childcare, and parents - all of whom have a vested interest in childcare provision in the county.

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