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Tracey Buckley Childcare Resource Library

April 19th 2012, Offaly County Childcare Committee re-dedicated its Childcare Resource Library to the memory of our friend and colleague, Tracey Buckley, who sadly passed away at the age of 31, in February 2011. Tracey worked with Offaly County Childcare Committee as Clerical Support Worker for four years. One of Tracey's actions was to stock and catalogue the Resource Centre. The Childcare Resource Library will be a permanent reminder of Tracey's dedication to her work and will provide services and students in the county with an invaluable resource.

The Tracey Buckley Childcare Resource Library carries a large selection of books ranging from literature suitable for QQI Childcare Level 5 & 6 courses to craft and cookery books to use with children in services as well as Story Sacks, Topic Boxes and lots of other invaluable resources. The full inventory can be downloaded from the library documents on the right of this page.

Terms and Conditions 


  1. Any person or service wishing to borrow from the Tracey Buckley Childcare Resource Library must fill out a registration form in advance.

  2.  Any person or service wishing to borrow resources who are unknown to staff of Offaly County Childcare Committee Ltd you must produce ID which can be photocopied and placed with your Registration Form.

Registration Fee & Membership:

 i. There is a registration fee of €10 to join the Tracey Buckley Childcare Resource Library.

ii. Membership will run in two year cycles e.g. January 2018 to December 2019.

iii. Membership will be renewed every second year.

iv. Membership that starts after January in any year will still follow the two year cycle.

v. Members are expected to respect the resources and book on loan and to care for them as they would their own items.

vi. Membership will be cancelled if members have not returned books after a specific period or if story sacks and topic boxes are continuously returned with damaged or missing pieces.


i. Books may be accessed and borrowed by parents, students, Parent & Toddler Groups, Childminders, Early Year’s Services and After-school Projects

ii. Story Sacks may be accessed and borrowed by Parent & Toddler Groups, Childminders, Early Year’s Services and After-school Projects

iii. Topic Boxes may be accessed and borrowed by Parent & Toddler Groups, Childminders, Early Year’s Services and After-school Projects

iv. Members must complete and sign a loan sheet for every item they borrow

Opening Hours:

i. The Tracey Buckley Childcare Resource Library will be accessible from 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday.

ii. In advance of visiting the Library please ring the office on 057 9135878 to ensure a staff member is available.

iii. Resources can be borrowed and returned outside of the normal opening hours by prior arrangement with staff.

Term of Loan:

i. Books – must be returned within four weeks of borrowing

ii. Story Sacks - must be returned within two weeks of borrowing may be accessed and borrowed by Parent & Toddler Groups, Childminders, Early Year’s Services and After-school Projects

iii. Topic Boxes must be returned within four weeks of borrowing

 Renewing Items

i. Books – may be renewed over the telephone if there is not a waiting list for them

ii. Story Sacks – may not be renewed

iii. Topic Boxes - may not be renewed

Return of Items:

  1. Members accept that Items must be returned as they have been received. Each story sack and topic box will have a contents check list for your information. If items are missing or damaged on return the borrower is responsible for replacing the items.

Charges for Replacement of Lost Items

  1. i. Members accept that compensation may be charged by us for lost and / or damaged books, which may include an administration charge as well as the full cost of replacing books.

A copy of the Library Inventory can be accessed from the documents on the right but for any further clarification or information please do not hesitate to call the office on 057-9135878. 

For further information on how to search the Library Inventory, please access the document on the right called Searching Library Database. If you are experiencing any difficulty, please contact the office for assistance.

For more information, contact Offaly County Childcare Committee on 057-9135878

What is a Story Sack? 

A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a favourite children's book with supporting materials to stimulate language activities and make reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. In working with the children to tell the story, the following pointers are useful:

  • Talk about the story and children’s favourite bits
  • Ask children questions about the characters and the plot
  • Retell the story using the models and story sack contents
  • Find out more about the people and places in the story by looking at the non-fiction books to expand learning
  • Draw a character or model one out of plasticene
  • Draw a story map of the plot to help with re-telling the story
  • Use the story to creatively engage the children in learning life lessons

We have Story Sacks in the Tracey Buckley Resource Library which you can borrow for your service. Details of these are listed below;

Story Sacks 

Loan Status Click on Picture to see Full Size Story Sack Title Description
Available Itchy Bear Itchy Bear Poor bear had an itch and nowhere to scratch it. In his search to find somewhere to scratch, several surprises await him!
Out on Loan No room for a Baby Roo No Room for a Baby Roo  Baby Roo's mum's pouch was the most comfy and cosy in the world. It was so comfy that he decided to tell all his friends and that's when the trouble began!
Available Gruffalo The Gruffalo  Julia Donaldson's outstanding, Rhyming, award winner needs no introduction! It tells the story of a quick thinking mouse who took a stroll through the deep, dark wood and came face to face with an Owl, a Fox, a Snake and a hungry Gruffalo!
Available Fatou Fetch the Water Fatou, Fetch the Water  The water bucket is empty! So, follow in the footsteps of forgetful Fatou, as she fetches a fresh supply for a family feast. But will she return from her journey through the village with just water, or with much more than she expected?
Available Going on a Bear Hunt We're going on a Bear Hunt 

 "We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared". This classic award winning story is perfect in every way for a Storysack. Take the children on a journey across the sensory playmat and into the dark cave!

Out on Loan Ringo the Flamingo Ringo the Flamingo Ringo was not like other flamingos, as his legs just didn't work. Even though he could not do many of the things they could, he was still able to make a valuable contribution to the flock. Find out how his bravery is rewarded in this sensitively told story. 
Available Shaun the Shy Shark Shaun the Shy Shark 

It's a well known fact that sharks should be terrifying as they patrol the murky seas. Shaun, however was so shy that the sight of a jellyfish made him wobble and even a shrimp was known to scare him. But it was a secret wish that eventually sent Shaun to a new world in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

Available The Scarecrow who Didnt Scare The Scarecrow who Didn't Scare  Farmer Wallace made a wonderful scarecrow to protect his crops, but when the scarecrow failed to scare away the birds and animals, the farmer threw him away into the hedgerow. However, the following year things had changed!
Available Little Moon Little Moon  Little Moon was born deep in space where it was cold and lonely. Join him on his amazing journey through our universe as he meets planets, black holes and stars in search of a warm, cosy place he can call home!
Out on Loan Farmer Duck Farmer Duck  Farmer Duck has to do all the work while the lazy farmer stays in bed all day - that is until the animals decide to take charge!
Available little red hen The Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat  Who will help little red hen sow her corn? "Not I" the animals all reply, but little red hen gets the last laugh!
Out on Loan Do your Ears Hang Low Do your Ears Hang Low Two sweet and silly, floppy-eared puppies make friends and bounce their way through this fresh, fun-filled interpretation of a familiar and much-loved children's song.
Out on Loan WinnietheWitch Winnie the Witch Winnie the Witch lives in a black house. She has black chairs and black stairs, black floors and black doors. The trouble is that Winnie’s cat, Wilbur, is also black. Winnie is going to need a little magic to make sure she can always see Wilbur.
Available ThePrincessandtheDragon The Princess and the Dragon When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, who knows what will happen!
Available The Train Ride The Train Ride Enjoy this memorable train journey which encourages the use of sound effects and role-play. Great for introducing rhythm and rhyme and for exploring transport and farm animals.
Available  MéFéin

Ar Mála Mor -

Mé Féin

The interactive packs will stir their imagination and instill a love for the irish language. The packs ensure continuity throughout the school by revision exercises and repetition. 
Available  ÉadaíNaíonáin1

 Ar Mála Mór -

Éadaí Naíonáin

The interactive packs will stir their imagination and instill a love for the irish language. The packs ensure continuity throughout the school by revision exercises and repetition. 
Out on Loan Tallulas Atishoo

Tullala's Atishoo

Tallula was doing what she liked to do most of all – wallowing in mud! She loved the stuff. The stickier the better. But she soon discovers that you can have too much of a good thing, when she overstays her welcome in the muddy depths! 


What is a Topic Box?

A Topic Box is a large Box containing preschool resources linked to a preschool interest themes.  The resources support the development of skills and dispositions.  Included is a planning sheet which supports practitioners in developing a child led learning plan.  There is also display materials within the box.

Topic Boxes Promote
Imaginative/role play
Small world play
Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Water and sand play
Arts and crafts

We have Topic Boxes in the Tracey Buckley Resource Library which you can borrow for your service. Details of these are listed below; 


Childminder Topic Box - Mixed Ages (Preschool and School Age)
Loan Status

Click on Picture to see          Full Size                 

        Topic Box Title                                           Contents
Available  Childminder Website  Childminder Contains: Magnetic Board & Magnets, Giant bubbles, Connect 4, Ring toss game, Magasnaps, Treasue Basket


School Age Topic Boxes 

Loan Status

        Click on Picture             to see Full Size       

        Topic Box Title                                               Contents
Available  Drama Drama Contains:  Table top puppet theatre, Finger puppets, Hand Puppets, Books & Charades
Available Space Science Website Space - Science Contains:  Books, Space Torch, Bug capture kit, Microscope, Lab set, Globe, Solar system plantetarium & Games
Available Board Games Website Board Games  Contains:  Tell the time, Flags of the World, Guess Who?, Junior Monopoly & Frustration 
Available  Sports Excerise Sports & Excerise Contains:  Hula hoops, Bean bags, Skipping ropes, Balls, Cones, Bibs, Books, Games, Rubber rings & Parachute
Available Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss Contains:  Books, Pop up tent, Jigsaws, Games, Blocks, finger puppets, Costumes and T-Shirts 


Pre- School Topic Boxes 
Loan Status   Click on Picture to see Full Size Topic Box Title Contents
Out on Loan AllAboutMe All About Me Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Puppets, Puppet theatre, Games, Dolls House & dolls, Banners, Cards
Out on Loan Autumn up dated Autumn Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Puppets, Tree house & accessories, Sponges, Doll & clothing, Cards, Playdough mat
Out on Loan Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Stamps, Puppets, Costumes, Counters, Cards, Dinosaurs, Stencils, Skeletons

Out on Loan

EqualityandDiversity up dated Equality & Diversity Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Additional needs figures, skin coloured crayons, Trailer, Horse stamps, Horses, Caravan & accessories
Out on Loan Fairytales up dated Fairytales Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Tent, Dress up Clothes, Castle & accessories, playdough mats, Counters, Sorting set & story sheets
Available  FarmSpring Spring - Farm Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Stamps, Figures, Puppets, Rubber ducks, Cards, Matching mother and baby animals, Garden tools, Rain Gauge
Available HeathlyMe Healthy Me Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Giant teeth and toothbrush, Parachute, Games, Posters, Banner, Supermarket playset & accessories
Out on Loan  Minibeasts Mini Beasts Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Puppet, Masks, Bug collector, Lifecycle sets, Cards, Bugnoculars
Out on Loan PeopleWhoHelpUs People Who Help Us Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Costumes, Figures, Photo Sheets, Masks, Banner, Number Set
Available Space1 Space Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Costumes, Tent, Glow in the dark planets & stars, Cards & Numbers, Posters, Torch and projector disks, Alpha Explorer
Available Space1 Space 2 Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Costumes, Tent, Glow in the dark plantes & stars, Cards & Numbers, Posters, Torch and projector disks, Alpha Explorer
Available TransportRoadSafety Transport Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Sponges, Stencils, Road Signs, Vechicles, Photos, Sorting Cards, Banner, Word Mat, High Visability Vests
Available  Winter Winter Contains:  Books, Jigsaws, Costumes, Nativity set, Cards, Games, Insta Snow Powder
Available sealife Sealife Contains:  Books, Counters, Plasticine, Selection of shells, Sea creatures, Jigsaws, Sea life finger puppets, Banner, Playdough cards 
Available gardening Gardening Contains:  Books, Seeds, Gardening gloves, Pot plants, Artifical flowers, Garden sticks, Felt flowers, Gardening tools
Available babyphoto Babies Contains: Books, Baby bath, car seat, bouncer and changing mat, Doll and doll's clothes, Nappies and food sachets, Accessories, Family finger puppets