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Welcome to Offaly County Childcare Committee

Our site is packed with information so whether you're a parent, working with children, interested in a childcare career or just browsing, this is the place for you!

Offaly County Childcare Committee is located at St Joseph's Community Centre in Kilcormac, Co Offaly.

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Preliminary Payments to ELC Providers in RECEIPT of Higher Capitation in 2020/2021

The second Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) payment will issue at the end of this week Friday 17 September 2021 with a pay until date of 15 October 2021 and will be based on Registrations, Higher Capitation and AIM Level 1Early Years Hive approvals

To allow services more time to make an application for Higher Capitation the following will apply:-

• Services that have applied and been approved Higher Capitation will be paid based on their Higher Capitation approval and registrations
• Services that have not applied but were approved last year will not be paid any additional funding until an application has been received and approved for this programme call.
• Services that have applied and have not yet been approved but received Higher Capitation last year will be paid an additional 4 weeks based on their HC last year ; the exception will be services that have not made any ECCE registrations
• First time applicants, or services that have applied in previous years but were not approved and have applied again this year will not be paid any preliminary amounts

No further preliminary payments will be made to services beyond week ending 15 October 2021.

  • Future payments will be based on ECCE registrations and Higher Capitation approval.
  • Future payments will be adjusted to take account of any under/overpayment

REMINDER - Managing Changes for AIM LEVEL 7

Pobal would like to issue a reminder that any changes to the setting or attendance of a child approved for AIM level 7 funding should be reported to Pobal within 10 working days of the change taking place. Please see below for moreAIM Logo
information on examples of such changes and the correct method for reporting them to Pobal:

1) Change of Sessions/Session Ratios/Attendance/External Supports: These changes can be reflected by completing a Change of Circumstance review on the Early Years Hive. Please click here to see video demonstration.

2) Prolonged Absence: If the child has been absent for a period of 4 weeks or more, complete a Prolonged Absence review on the Early Years Hive. Please click here to see video demonstration.

3) Absence of AIM Assistant: If the AIM assistant has been absent from the setting for 4 weeks or more, complete a Change in Implementation of Support review. Please click here to see video demonstration.

4) EWSS funding being used: If you have been approved for AIM level 7 funding for a child but are opting to use Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) funding in lieu of AIM Level 7 funding, please complete a service request on the Early Years Hive, entering “EWSS Withdrawal” in the subject line and selecting the following criteria options:

Request Type: Funding
Request Type Detail: Payments Query
Subject: AIM Level 7

In the description of the request, enter all relevant level 7 application IDs, and advise if EWSS has been used since the start of the programme year.

Covid Case Support Helplines

There are two helplines available to services who have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 in their service. Covid 19

The HSE have a helpline to advise service providers if they have been informed of a Covid-19 case in a child or a staff member. The number is 01 511 9777 It is open Monday – Friday 8.30 – 4.30 and 10 – 4.30 Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

For those services who need support on engaging with the relevant authorities due to a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, there is an out of hours helpline. The number is 1800 940 341. The service will be available Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10.00 – 13.00 and 13.30 – 16.00.

Special Circumstances Process for CCSP, ECCE & NCS 2021/22

Dear Service Provider, pobal logo

In certain exceptional circumstances, a service may apply to retain a child’s funding under NCS/ECCE/the CCSP Saver Programme beyond the standard 4 weeks non-attendance allowed under the scheme/programme rules.

Service Providers wishing to apply for Special Circumstances to retain a registration beyond 4 weeks of continuous absence up until 6 weeks, are required to complete an Exemption Request for Continuous Absence due to Special Circumstances declaration form, downloadable from the Programme Documents section of the Early Years Hive (for ECCE and NCS) and PIP Resources (for CCSP Saver). Please also find the form attached here.

One form will be applicable to NCS, ECCE and CCSP for applying for a continuous absence exemption. The form is to be signed by both the service provider and the

Please ensure to include the applicable reasons for the child’s absence and clearly specify absence dates. Once complete, please attach the declaration form to the child’s registration on Hive/PIP for Pobal to process.

Please note absences extending beyond 6 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks, will require Pobal to seek acceptable proof of special circumstances. Acceptable proofs may include a letter or medical certificate which can be uploaded onto the system by the provider.

Declaration form Checklist:

  • Signed by parent/guardian
  • Signed by service provider
  • Special Circumstances reason indicated (tick box)
  • Absence period/dates specified
  • Attach to child’s registration on PIP/Hive
  • Provide additional proof medical letter/certificate (If absence extends beyond 6 weeks).



The Early Years Team

Offaly & Laois Libraries Parent Support Programme

Information and link for the Offaly & Laois Libraries Parent Support Programme Offaly Laois Libraries Parent Support Programme Offaly Laois Libraries Parent Support Programme


The programme is open to everyone including parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, teachers, special needs assistance and all those working with children and young people.


Link to brochure: 


Topics are:

➡️ Separation Anxiety: Helping your child return to school

➡️ Self-care for Carers: How you mind yourself when parenting your child with special needs

➡️ Staying positive in your parenting

➡️ Cybersafe Kids: Empowering & Protecting Children Online

➡️ Toddler Toilet Training

➡️ Taking Care of Mum: What you need to know after giving birth

➡️ Promoting Language Development through Reading with your Child

➡️ Balancing Work & Family Life when Parenting Alone or Post-Separation

➡️ Embrace Awkward: How to talk to Kid(s) about sensitive stuff like sex

➡️ Supporting your LGBTQ+ Teenager

➡️ Navigating sleep from birth to 4 years old

➡️ Supporting Someone with an Eating Disorder

➡️ The Benefits of Music Therapy

➡️ Raising Resilient Children

➡️ Social Anxiety: Helping Teenagers navigate the post-pandemic world

➡️ Physical Activities in Teenagers and Keeping them Involved

➡️ Managing Fussy Eating for your school-aged child

➡️ First Aid for Parents

Supporting Quality Childcare in Offaly

Offaly County Childcare Committee support the development of quality, affordable, inclusive, accessible childcare and family friendly services for all children in every part of the county.

Offaly County Childcare Committee has been meeting since May 2001 and is made up of representatives from the statutory sector, social partners, community groups, voluntary groups, the Community and Voluntary Forum, National Voluntary Children's Organisations, providers of childcare, and parents - all of whom have a vested interest in childcare provision in the county.

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