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Offaly County Childcare - Open Day

On September 14th 2017 Offaly CCC will host an ‘Open Day’ for services and Parent and Toddler Groups. Service Providers, Early Years Workers, Students and Parents are cordially invited to attend the open day form 11.00m to 1.30pm and 3.00pm to 7.30pm. The ‘Open Day’ will be an informal opportunity to talk to staff and to visit the Tracey Buckley Resource Library and borrow resources. Story Sacks and Topic Boxes will be available to view on the day. Refreshments will be served throughout the day and your own children are very welcome to attend. Please contact the office on 057 9135878 if you will be attending.

Open Day


Minimum ECCE Enrolment Exemptions: DCYA Procedures

dcyalogoMinimum ECCE Enrolment Exemptions
DCYA Procedures

In certain circumstances, a service may receive an exemption from the minimum number of ECCE children required per session. As per the ECCE Grant Funding Agreement

Service providers must apply to your local CCC for one of the exemptions listed above. Your application will be processed by the DCYA.

Click on the link below to read the procedure in full.

Minimum ECCE Enrolment Exemptions DCYA Procedures


Extra Childcare supports spark surge of interest from Parents and Providers

19875672 1337059526348124 484620879276509836 nExtra Childcare supports spark surge of interest from Parents and Providers
Parents can start registering with crèches, preschools and providers from Monday
Statement by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone


Extra childcare supports starting in two weeks have sparked a surge of interest from parents, crèches and childcare providers, according to the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone.

The Minister is welcoming new figures which show:
· Country’s 4,500 childcare providers currently signing up to various childcare schemes in preparation for September. 3,423 services have completed their ECCE (free pre-school) contracts.
· 2,290 services (67%) have also signed up to deliver childcare subsidies to families.
· Massive interest in supports starting September. Website has been viewed nearly 350k times.

Minister Zappone added: “Changing one of the most expensive childcare systems in the world into the best is an ambitious goal but one I am determined to work towards for the sake of families.

These initial figures are hugely encouraging. It is expected that interest from both parents and providers will increase further when childcare centres start registering parents from Monday (21st August).

2,290 providers have already agreed to offer the extra supports and many others are continuing their annual contract negotiations with my officials.

It is clear that after years of under-investment by successive Governments that a turning point has been reached. Overall funding of early years services has increased over 80% since 2015 to €466m this year – passing the half billion mark must be our next milestone!

Our work towards accessible affordable quality childcare must go on.”


Minister Zappone announces €1.2m capital grants for 263 providers of School Age Childcare

dcyalogoMinister Zappone announces €1.2m capital grants for 263 providers of School Age Childcare
Grants of up to €5000 to improve existing services
Response to consultation with children on afterschool

Thursday 17th August, 2017

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr. Katherine Zappone, has announced funding of €1.2m (strand c) of the School Age Childcare Capital Scheme to improve existing school age childcare services. This follows the recent announcement of funding of €2.7m under Strands A and B for new and existing services to increase the number of childcare places that they provide.

“I am determined to support childcare providers in their mission to deliver quality childcare to all our children. I am also determined to listen to children in terms of what they want. This funding of €1.2m is specifically targeted at improving the quality of existing school age childcare services, which was one of the key actions of the Action Plan on School Age Childcare, published in March of this year. This will be done through the provision of age appropriate play equipment to stimulate children mentally and physically. With 263 individual projects set to be funded, our children right across the country will reap the benefits. This demonstrates my commitment to provide quality and affordable childcare for school age children.”

Minister Zappone said:-“We know from consultations with children that many of them would prefer to go home when their school day is finished rather than to various forms of childcare. This funding should help to ensure that when going home is not possible, children attend school age childcare services that simulate many of the characteristics of a healthy home environment, including the comforts and activities children enjoy there. Listening to the voice of the child is important and this funding is our response to the issues they raised”.

Click to view the list of successful participants in STRAND C


Govt funds 5,000 extra childcare spaces for school age children Capital Funding increases 33% to €4m

Govt funds 5,000 extra childcare spaces for school age children:  Capital Funding increases 33% to €4m
Childcare awareness campaign ‘It Starts Now’ launched to inform parents of €19m in Extra Supports for families

Joint Statement by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone

Government funding of €4m is being provided to improve childcare services for children of school going age and make life easier for parents and families.

The announcement comes as the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD, and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, launch the latest phase of a national awareness campaign to make families aware of increased supports starting next month (Sept).

The first two strands of this funding announced today will help create over 5,000 extra childcare places in 225 school age childcare services. A third strand will be announced in the coming weeks.

The extra spaces will further increase capacity ahead of new childcare supports which will benefit up to 70,000 children from September.

The next phase of a national awareness campaign will encourage parents to check out their children’s entitlements under the banner ‘It Starts Now’. This is part of ongoing efforts across Government to support parents and families through a range of policies.

Families are being encouraged to visit a special website which has already recorded more than quarter of a million visits.

At the launch of the campaign the Taoiseach said:
“In just three weeks’ time, up to 70,000 children will be able to register for a range of childcare subsidies put in place by the Government of Ireland to honour our commitment to make childcare more affordable for families. For the first time, a universal, non-means tested childcare subsidy will be available for children aged six months to three years. This amounts to a maximum of €1,040 per year, for some the cost of one month of childcare. We will also be providing extra support for parents on lower incomes going back to work or education, providing as much as €145 per week towards the cost of their childcare.

“In a Republic of Opportunity everyone should have the chance to access employment and education. Childcare can often be a barrier to this, whereas it should be a bridge to opportunity for parents, their children and our economy. These new subsidies will create greater parental choice and financial support for families so they can achieve their full potential. I’m delighted that investment made this year will help families begin to feel a difference in their pockets from September. I urge everyone with children in childcare to visit to see the supports available to their family.”

Minister Zappone added
“The first big step is being taken to accessible affordable quality childcare. Through our awareness campaign we are reaching out to parents and telling them how they can benefit from the extra €19m in family supports now just four weeks away.

There are two ways in which supports will be delivered. A universal support to every child aged 6-months to 3-years-old and then targeted supports for those families which need it most – this second category covers children up to 15-years of age.

Ensuring capacity for school age children is important to reach our goals in terms of accessibility and quality. The funding of €4m announced today will help us to get there.

I am delighted that 225 projects have been identified in the first two rounds of this funding, with the remainder to be announced shortly.

Our childcare goals are ambitious. They have to be. I remain fully committed to work with parents and providers so we can finally turn one of the most expensive childcare systems in the world into the best.”


Note to Editors:

Capital Grants for School Age Childcare
Strand A: establishment of new SAC services (€1.7m – maximum €20k per grant): 113 projects to be funded.
Strand B: Expansion of existing SAC services (€1m maximum €10k per grant): 112 projects to be funded.
• Strand C: Improvement of existing SAC services (€1.3m, maximum €5k per grant): Appraisals to be finalised in early August.

The services approved for funding in today’s announcement relate to Strands A and B, comprising 225 individual projects, which should see the creation of over 5000 additional School Age Childcare places. Appraisals relating to Strand C will be finalised in early August and the applicants will be notified accordingly.