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CCSP 2019 Preliminary Payment

Below is the key information you will need in relation to deadline dates for registrations and payments for the coming weeks.  PobalLogo
The CCSP 2019 preliminary payment will be made on 16/08/2019.
The CCSP 2019 preliminary payment is equivalent to the value of your approved CCS & CCSP registrations for the first 4 weeks of the 2018/2019 programme year.
For new services in the 2018/2019 programme year or services that did not have any registrations in the first 4 weeks of 2018/19 programme year, an alternative method of calculating the CCSP 2019 preliminary budget is used. For these services, the preliminary budget is equivalent to 1/12 of the value of total approved CCS 2018 & CCSP 2018 registrations.
The CCSP 2019 preliminary payment is based on CCS 2018 & CCSP 2018 approved registrations and are intended to provide services with funding for the period between the submission of CCSP 2019 registrations and the date they are approved.
If you feel the CCSP 2019 preliminary payment is insufficient because the CCSP 2019 registrations are significantly higher than CCSP 2018, please complete the following steps:
1.    Submit your CCSP 2019 registrations on PIP when applications open on 19th August 2019;
2.    Contact Pobal Online Support to request that your CCSP 2019 preliminary payment is reviewed.
We will then recalculate your preliminary budget, based on your CCSP 2019 provisional registrations.


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